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How to prepare for your professional hair & makeup appointment? (FAQ)

Here's a quick FAQ to help you find answers to questions you may have :)

First of all, many of you travel overseas to come to Paris and get married, elope, assist to fashion weeks shows, attend events or have your pictures taken for pre wedding.

It's important to take care of your skin during the weeks/months leading up to your wedding, but also as soon as you sit in the plane. High pressure and cabin air are highly dehydrating, and prevention here is key.

So that being said;

What should you pack for your international flight to keep your skin hydrated?

1. Prepare in your purse or carry-on bag everything you need to remove your makeup, clean your face/hands in order to apply skincare.

2. The Moisture sandwich method is MY BEST ADVICE to prevent your skin from dehydration, dryness and to glow as soon as you land ;)

With this method, you layer your skincare products in such a manner that hydration is locked in.

Misting your face with a beauty water mist between layers of moisture will in turn trap water in the skin and reduce water loss, thereby boosting the skin’s moisture levels.

Simply start with damp skin, so a spray of water mist first, then a hydrating serum, then another layer of water mist, then an overnight moisturizing mask. Keep the mask for the whole length of your flight. Repeat the misting a few times throughout your flight, drink loads of water ( this also hugely helps with jet lag!), and it always helps to add electrolytes in your beverage.

Packing your favorite skincare is the best. Use something you're used to and know works well for you. This is not the time to try new things, skin likes constistancy.

Here's how my own travel vanity looks like:

Mini Bioderma bottle for sensitive skin (eau micellaire)

cotton pads in a mini ziploc

sanitizing wipes for my hands

A clean powder brush (I like to use this to apply my skincare in case i'd rather not use my hands)

Avene Eau Thermale Water Mist (I like my mists to be simple, with just calming thermal water, but sometimes also uses Rose water)

Clarins Double Serum Anti Aging

Overnight Mask/ I have two that I like:

Best Budget: Origins Drink Up Intensive & Avene Masque Apaisant Eclat

Best Overall: Sisley Velvet Sleeping Mask

I generally do not like products that comes in a pot, I like squeeze bottles and pumps better, for obvious hygiene reasons.

Which beauty faux-pas should you avoid before your destination wedding abroad?

Before your trip, try to keep the same skincare routine as usual. Sometimes we might want to get a facial for example, which is a good idea if your skin is used to it. If not, then try having your facial at least 4 weeks before. You never know how your skin will react, there is always a risk for breakouts, allergies, rednesses etc... Your skin can even react to procedures and facials that you have done in the past.

Same thing if you plan on having a keratin treatment for your big day, it's essential to have it done at least 2-3 weeks before.

How to prepare for my bridal hair and makeup appointment the morning of my wedding?`


Unless the requested hairstyle is a blow out, the best is to wash your hair the night before your appointment (or anytime earlier the day before if your hair doesn't have a tendency to get greasy fast).

It's easier to work on "sleep-on" hair to naturally avoid little flyaways. We have to use more styling products to artificially make your hair "dirty" when it is so clean that it gets static by being played with.

Hair shouldn't be too clean for updos either.

If you do want a blow out, or if one of your guests has short hair, please specify before my arrival.

Give your hair an EXTRA RINSE. I haven't figured out why yet, but once in a while, my clients still have so much products in their hair that they need to go and wash it again.


Your face can just be clean, with no makeup residues left.

Do not forget your skincare routine the night before, and don't hesitate to apply a little more than usual.

If we meet early in the morning, I will apply moisturizer/skincare myself.

If we meet later in the day, please use your usual moisturizer in the morning, and I will remove it and use my own skincare as per your skin needs right before makeup application.

If you have allergies or want to use your own skincare products, it's totally fine too, I just need to know what you have used :)


Last but not least, if we do have an appointment very early in the morning (between 3:30am-6am), please let the reception desk know about my arrival. In some hotels, I'm having a hard time convincing them to let me in (the hotel!!) and even a harder time to have them call you in your room or let me come up ;)

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to drop me an email :)


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